The following are some of our school's key milestones:


Key Milestone/Activity

1958-1959There was a fire during the Christmas holidays, damaging the lower hall.  For the remainder of the school year, kindergarten was housed at a local church and grades 1-8 used the upper hall in split shifts (half attending in the morning, and the other half in the afternoon).
1961Grade 7's and 8's moved to Central Public School, reducing QEPS to a kindergarten to grade 6 school.
 1994Victoria School closed, increasing QEPS back to a kindergarten to grade 8 school.
 2000Renovations included the addition of the present gymnasium and converted the old gym to a large library.
2005Horton and Calabogie Public Schools closed, increasing QEPS's population.
2010Grade 7's and 8's moved to RCIS, reducing the school's population once again to a kindergarten to grade 6 school.
2012 Early Learning Kindergarten Program began.

Presently, Queen Elizabeth Public School boasts a population of over 300 students.